Akima ACE™
Automation for Complex Enterprises

Akima ACE is a proven process for implementing an automated tier 0 / tier 1 enterprise service desk. Through intelligent automation and an intuitive interface, an automated service desk built with Akima ACE can self-diagnose common computer and phone issues allowing IT staff to focus on higher priority issues. Automating the enterprise service desk reduces costs on IT support, improves customer experience and streamlines routine tasks.

Benefits of an automated service desk:

  • Enables 24/7/365 automated diagnostic resolution
  • Improves quality of service through reduction in hold times and call abandon rates
  • Quickly resolves common user issues
  • Requires little to no user technical knowledge
  • Utilizes IT staff more efficiently
  • Adaptability to environment
  • Mobile platform accessibility
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • End state only requires user to call help desk when there is no connectivity or an emergency

Proven Performance: Streamlining the U.S Air Force Enterprise Service Desk

Following the migration of all U.S. Air Force (USAF) users into a single active directory domain, the USAF enterprise service desk was quickly overwhelmed and unable to address 50% of the help tickets. A centralized enterprise service desk of this size, scope and criticality was no longer feasible without significant automated functionality.  

Leveraging the Akima ACE process, TKC Global, an Akima company, developed the Virtual Enterprise Service Desk (vESD), a self-help application providing tier 0/tier 1 enterprise service desk support capabilities.

A client-based automated tool set, vESD was designed to resolve email, network, software, hardware and phone issues without ever engaging IT staff. Implementing this intelligent expert system has made substantial, measurable improvement for the USAF saving money, man hours and improving the overall level of service.

Key metrics demonstrating vESD operational efficiency include:

  • Implemented for Air Force in SCCM and remedy environments
  • Currently supports more than 650,000 users on more than 585,000 computers
  • Performs most tasks without an active network connection
  • Reduced IT man hours by 200,000
  • Reduced ticket submission time from up to an hour to under 10 minutes
  • Saved the USAF $14M on user IT support*
  • Handles 10,000+ tickets per week
  • Reduced return to service time from days to hours

*Annual savings as reported by the U.S. Air Force