Women In Technology

Akima Women in Technology


From the aviation crews to facilities management, Akima is proud to have a talented and diversified workforce.


In particular, one aspect of this workforce is markedly ahead of the national average: Recent data shows that nearly 25 percent of technology leaders at Akima are women, a statistic that nearly doubles the industry average of just 12-16 percent[1].


The rising percentage of female tech leaders at Akima is a testament to the talented and intelligent women who have proven themselves to effectively lead, inspire, and make a positive impact on the company, our customers, and those of us who work alongside them each day.


In celebration of their talent and success, Akima is proud to recognize some of our most influential women in technology. Check back each week for a new story featuring one of the women listed below.

Akima Women in Technology


Vicky Michaud, Senior Analyst, TKC Global Solutions

Karen Shadwick, Senior Deployment Technician/Product Support SME, TKC Global Solutions

Mary HorseChief, Program Manager, Cyber Security, Qivliq Federal Group

Cindy Poggi, Senior Project Manager, Tuva

Arti Singh, Senior Software Developer, Tuva

Diana Edelin, Project Manager, Qivliq Federal Group

Shannon M. Faye, Project Manager, Tuva

Carla Fickett, Configuration Manager, TKC Global Solutions

Kim Boone, Program Manager, Tuva

Jenn Mueth, Project Manager, Qivliq Federal Group

Susan Henderson, Program Manager, Tuva

Evelyn Rykyto, SQL Server Database Administrator, Synteras

Mary Colville, Director of Civilian Sales, Affigent

Jay Ahn, Director of Operations, Cloud Lake LLC

Juvy McCarthy, Group President, Technology Solutions & Products Group

Lula Hester, Senior IT Specialist, Wolverine

Andrea Vohsman, Senior Director of Operations, Five Rivers Services

Stacy March, Web Developer, Five Rivers Services




1Source: MarketWatch