Our Community

Commitment to Giving Back

Our work enables our shareholders, the Iñupiat of the NANA region of Alaska, to provide for their community through cultural preservation, employment opportunities, education, and more.

NANA shareholder children


For more than a decade, Akima has partnered with four villages in the NANA region as part of the BWISE program. The program reinforces technical, business, and scientific topics in the remote regional schools to help youth prepare for successful futures.



Akima offers an annual paid summer internship for qualifying college-aged NANA shareholders, allowing students to gain hands-on work experience, build resumes, and possibly land a full-time job with Akima after graduation.



Through dozens of charity golf tournaments, silent auctions, fundraisers, and food drives, Akima employees give back to their communities and programs in the NANA region each year.

whalebones in front of village

Community Development

Akima supports a variety of programs focused on providing assistance to small businesses and economic initiatives in the NANA region, including grants, loans, human capital development, and infrastructure such as hotels and hospitals.

NANA students drawing on white board


Akima contributes to scholarship programs, STEM programs for school-aged children, and college internships that provide youth with the opportunities and education they need to help their communities thrive.

NANA shareholder father and son

Direct Assistance

To ensure that individuals in the region have what they need to live in the harsh Arctic landscape, Akima supports critical direct assistance programs such as energy assistance, support for village Elders, funeral expense assistance, and shareholder dividends.

Akima intern working at a computer

Shareholder Employment

Shareholder relations coordinators in each village help with job placement, and NANA companies such as Akima give our Iñupiat shareholders hiring preference when they apply for a job.

NANA shareholders


From language programs to sports such as the Native Youth Olympics to cultural preservation summer camps, income from Akima helps ensure that future generations will continue to understand and shape Iñupiat culture.

Akima is more than one company. We are a portfolio of 8(a) companies, small businesses, and other operating organizations. We take pride in being both specialized and nimble — two qualities that allow us to respond quickly to our customers’ unique needs.