Our Heritage

Fueled By the Past to Drive Future Success

NANA’s shareholders have achieved success in their modern enterprises by using the same hard work and resilience that enabled them to thrive in the Arctic.

Hunter image
NANA shareholder

Honesty and Integrity Govern our Activities

Integrity is at the core of our corporate values. We are transparent and open in our business dealings and take responsibility for our decisions, statements, and actions.

Men fishing in Alaska

Commitments Made Will be Fulfilled

Like generations of Iñupiat hunters who knew that honoring their commitments could be the difference between life and death in their communities, we stand by each commitment we make, and deliver on our promises with no excuses.

NANA woman holds hands

Everyone Will be Treated with Dignity and Respect

Our Iñupiat shareholders learned to treat their environment and community with respect, as every person is integral to the community’s survival. We treat our customers, our employees, and our shareholders with that same respect, recognizing the dignity in every human being.

Akima is more than one company. We are a portfolio of 8(a) companies, small businesses, and other operating organizations. We take pride in being both specialized and nimble — two qualities that allow us to respond quickly to our customers’ unique needs.