Akima supports a diverse portfolio of operating companies with one strategic goal: enabling superior outcomes for our customers’ missions.  Together with its operating companies, Akima represents an uncommonly broad array of specialized talents, technologies, domain expertise, and proven program success at some of the most visible and demanding implementations across all of government and industry.


Akima is an enterprise with 30 years of federal contracting experience and over 7,500 employees supporting more than 14,700 Iñupiat shareholders in the NANA region of Alaska.  Akima provides the backbone infrastructure to support more than 40 socio-economically disadvantaged small businesses (SDBs) with mature business processes and shared back-office support services normally only found in a Fortune 500 defense contractor.


We leverage this infrastructure and the shared experiences of our operating companies to bring world-class solutions to U.S. Department of Defense, intelligence community, and civilian organizations in 46 states and 12 countries.

Operations in 46 states, 2 territories, and 12 countries

Currently performing on more than 2,000 contracts and task orders

Ranked #38 in Washington Technology’s 2019 Top 100

DCAA-approved accounting system

NANA’s largest and fastest growing subsidiary

Over half of employees hold government security clearances

Over 40 subsidiary companies

Founded in 1995

Companies with various ISO certifications and CMMI Level 2
and 3

Over 7,500 employees; over 30% women, over 40% minorities

Shared services business model

Headquartered in Herndon, VA



Akima is a subsidiary of NANA Development Corporation.


NANA’s 14,700 shareholders are the Iñupiat people, native to northwest Alaska. Many of our shareholders still reside in their ancestral villages, relying on the land for subsistence just as their people have done for 10,000 years. Akima understands the cultural and spiritual importance of this lifestyle that bridges generations and connects our shareholders to each other, to their ancestors, and to their land.


The Iñupiat have thrived in one of the harshest environments on Earth because their lifestyle is guided by three core values:
   • Honesty and integrity govern our activities
   • Commitments made will be fulfilled
   • Everyone will be treated with dignity and respect


The same values that have kept our shareholders and their ancestors safe, warm, and nourished for millennia are now guiding Akima companies. This earnest approach to business has made Akima companies leaders in a diverse set of industries and allowed us to best support both our customers and our shareholders.

Alaska’s NANA Region

Ambler Kotzebue Buckland
Noatak Deering Noorvik
Kiana Selawik Kivalina
Shungnak Kobuk

14,700 Shareholders

Shareholders reside:

  • In the NANA region

  • In Alaska outside the region

  • Outside of Alaska


Akima’s commitment to our Iñupiat shareholders extends beyond the typical financial relationship; we strive to complement their lives with occupational and educational opportunities as well as social and cultural preservation programs.  Our profits provide services and support across a wide range of programs, including:

Community Development

Small business loans


Job Centers

Human Capital Development




Summer Intern Program

BWISE (Business Working in Schools Environment)


women with fish

Direct Assistance

Disaster relief

Elder Trust dividend

Funeral expense assistance

Energy assistance


70% Natural Resource Dollars to other Alaskan corporations

women in hotel

Shareholder Employment

Shareholder Relations Coordinators
in all 11 villages

Shareholder hire preference
throughout all NANA enterprises



Rosetta Stone partnership to preserve the Iñupiat language

Camp Sivunniigvik (native cultural preservation summer camp)

Regional Sports Sponsorship


Native Youth Olympics