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Cloud Computing

A successful cloud migration involves two key elements: planning and prioritizing. However, the strategies you take to get to the cloud depend on the portfolio you are trying to migrate. There is no “out-of-the-box” or “one-size-fits-all-agencies” approach.


Akima and its family of companies are uniquely positioned to help agencies in their journey to the cloud. Our services span the full implementation lifecycle, from pre-sales engagements such as Cloud Readiness Assessments and Proofs of Concepts all the way through to post-implementation and support for driving end user adoption and future expansion. We can help you evaluate your current environment, plan and prepare applications for migration, implement robust cloud security policies following NIST and FedRAMP, and perform testing and Disaster Recovery validation in your new cloud environment. Whether you are looking for end-to-end services, or support for only a piece of the transition, our cloud experts stand ready to support your efforts.

Akima Cloud Transformation Approach

Akima offers a clearly defined approach to cloud transformation no matter where you are in your cloud journey:


✓ Cloud Readiness Assessments 

✓ Cloud Proof of Concepts 

✓ Cloud Proofs of Value


✓ Architecture & Design Services (Public, Private, Hybrid, Community)
✓ Requirements Analysis & Development
✓ Migration Preparation (Network Analysis, Environment Cleanup/Prep)
✓ Define Success Criteria & Scope for Migration
✓ Define Requirements for Project Management, Help Desk, Personnel, IT, Resources, Security, etc.


✓ Recurring Script Creation to Migrate/Validate Data
✓ Install and Configure Cloud Infrastructure
✓ Setup and Configure PaaS Infrastructure Zones
✓ Discover/Initiate Process and Procedure Changes to Enable Cloud Agility
✓ Collapse/Extend IDM and Networking Domains


✓ Comprehensive Cloud Migration Services (Test/Dev, Lift-and-Shift, On-Prem Virtualization, Hybrid Cloud Networking & FedRAMP Security, FIPS-140, PIV)
✓ Data Migration from Legacy Format to Final Target Cloud Format
✓ VMware Virtualization


✓ Configure Cloud Self-Service Portal
✓ Create Self-Service Portal Users
✓ Implement Additional Security Functions
✓ Create/Provide Help Desk Support within Private or Public Cloud Environment

Test & Cutover0%

✓ Perform Application Testing
✓ Stress Testing
✓ Cloud Security (NIST)
✓ Reliability and Disaster Recovery Validation
✓ Other Tests (as required)


✓ Evaluate Success Criteria
✓ Determine Future States
✓ Schedules for Updates/Enhancements
✓ Project Completion & Handover
✓ Driving End User Adoption

Expertise in Action

From pre-sales to post-implementation, our cloud experts are helping agencies transform the way they operate.

U.S. Air Force


✓ Cloud Proof of Concepts
✓ Services to prepare for cloud migration (i.e. collapsing domains)
✓ Requirements analysis and development of cloud infrastructure requirements
✓ Preparation for and migration to a public or private cloud (network analyzation, clean-up/prep of current environment, troubleshooting, migrating and/or staging functional systems/applications in the cloud)
✓ Expertise with MS Azure and Office 365 (public and private)
✓ VMware virtualization within the cloud
✓ User/Held Desk support within a private or public cloud environment
✓ Ancillary services related to cloud service engagements: project management, configuration/change management, security scanning, etc.

Drug Enforcement Agency


✓ End-to-end hybrid cloud architecture, design and implementation services


United States Patent and Trademark Office


✓ Cloud Proof of Concepts
✓ Private/custom cloud architecture and design services
✓ Migration into the cloud (public and private)
✓ Expertise in Database as a Service (DBaaS) cloud environments with Oracle enterprise manager cloud control 12x
✓ Setup and configuration of Platform as a Service (PaaS) infrastructure zones
✓ Configuration of cloud self-service portals
✓ Creation of self-service portal users