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The value of cloud computing for federal agencies is far more than potential cost savings
and the ability to reduce their data center footprint. Cloud has the ability to transform
the way employees collaborate across siloed departments, access critical data to make
decisions and improve the timeliness of federal services.
At the Labor Department (DOL), for example, its DOL IT Platform consolidates the
department’s case management systems by investing in a cloud-based environment. This
platform has helped DOL launch several tools, including the Apprenticeship Finder Tool,
which offers career-seekers a digital platform to search through about 1.4 million job
postings by city, state and occupation.
For the Justice Department (DOJ) and similar agencies, cloud computing has the power
to dramatically improve the way agents in the field generate and share case files and other
critical data.
These are only two examples of the many ways cloud empowers federal employees and
the people they serve. Budgetary constraints, organizational silos and resistance toward
cloud adoption, however, are among the many barriers agencies must address on their
cloud journey. The new federal cloud computing strategy, known as Cloud Smart, coupled
with the administration’s focus on customer experience (CX), are providing the impetus
agencies need to make the benefits of cloud a reality.
GovLoop partnered with Affigent, an Akima company and platinum partner for Oracle,
to explore the challenges and benefits that agencies experience when embracing cloud.
For the report, GovLoop surveyed nearly 45 of our community members from DOL,
DOJ and the Interior and Homeland Security departments to learn about the state
of cloud adoption and how it impacts the public’s interactions and experiences with
Thirty-one percent said they are considering or have adopted cloud, with Platform-as-aService (PaaS) and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) being the preferable choices. You’ll see
more of those results throughout the report and gain insights from Dave Pipes, Senior
Solutions Architect with Affigent.
More specifically, in the following pages we show how PaaS and SaaS can improve
customer experiences at DHS, DOI, DOJ and DOL.

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