Logistics and Supply Chain Capabilities Overview


From the airfield to the warehouse, our team of experts delivers comprehensive support designed to optimize and maintain all the links in your logistics and supply chain. 

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Logistics and Supply Chain

All of our services meet the rigid AS9100 and AS9110 certification standards, representing the highest quality in the services industry. We tackle the most demanding missions for our federal customers by employing sophisticated systems and management tools that ensure effective, efficient operations, and proper cost control. Whether your mission is routine or critical, the Akima portfolio of companies stands ready as a trusted partner.

Core Capabilities

  • Aerospace Support
  • Contractor Logistics Support
  • Depot Level Maintenance, Repair & Refit
  • Global Logistics Support
  • Maintenance, Transportation & Supply
  • Chain Management

Representative Programs

In this brochure, you will find use cases that illustrate the range of our facilities, maintenance and repair program capabilities. We have included two of them below.

U.S. Army

U.S. Military Academy Logistics Support Services

For more than two decades, Akima has provided logistics support services at the U.S. Military Academy. We perform 24/7 dispatch operation management of motor vehicles and management of USMA’s fleet. We have also performed full O&M services for the USMA’s entire fleet of nearly 1,600 passenger, commercial, tactical, and emergency vehicles. The Akima team provides a continuous shuttle bus service, seven days a week, and provides a community transit system at USMA that processes over 5,000 transit requests each year to transport cadets to and from academic and athletic activities and transport the military band to and from performances.

U.S. Air Force

Very Important Person Special Airlift Mission (VIPSAM)

Akima provides aircraft fuels and supply support requirements for all U.S. and foreign aircraft at Joint Base Andrews. This includes Air Force One and the entire fleet of 40 aircraft serving the President of the United States, Vice President, cabinet officers, and a variety of congressional and military officials. Critical missions require aircraft have access to refueling services at all times, and that the supply chain supports the needs of installation activities, deployments, and aircraft maintenance. Given the status of passengers, this program requires much more than just meeting operational requirements. The aircraft, personnel, and contractor staff that support this program must uphold impeccable service and appearance standards.

Akima is a global enterprise comprised of more than 40 small businesses, 8(a) companies, and operating organizations that deliver a broad range of solutions and products to the federal government. As an Alaska Native Corporation (ANC) headquartered in Herndon, Virginia, our portfolio of companies is dedicated to delivering superior outcomes for our customers’ missions while simultaneously creating a long-lived asset for our Iñupiat shareholders.

Akima is more than one company. We are a portfolio of 8(a) companies, small businesses, and other operating organizations. We take pride in being both specialized and nimble — two qualities that allow us to respond quickly to our customers’ unique needs.